A Non-Profit Corporation and
Secondary Market for
Federal Family Education Loans

Panhandle-Plains Higher Education Authority (PPHEA) is a nonprofit corporation, chartered for the express purpose of helping aspiring students in the Panhandle and South Plains of Texas take hold of their college education--and their futures.

In 1979, Clifford Baker, then Director of Financial Aid at West Texas State University, saw first hand how students were being affected when they couldn't obtain a student loan. Although it's hard to imagine now, few institutions in West Texas offered guaranteed student loans. Clifford Baker and Milton "Buff" Morris, President of the Opportunity Plan Inc., assembled a dedicated group of bankers and educators to take action. Under their leadership, PPHEA's first Board of Directors was formed. The Board worked tirelessly to ensure West Texas students would have a chance to pursue their dreams. In 1983, PPHEA purchased its first guaranteed student loan.

Currently, as Executive Director, Mr. Jimmy Parker administers PPHEA's long range plans including coordination of bond proceedings and working with lenders and schools. PPHEA continues to ensure that students receive personal service through its arrangement with Panhandle-Plains Student Loan Center (PPSLC). As of July 2018, PPSLC has outsourced servicing to Nelnet. Now, as in the beginning, serving students is PPHEA's primary mission.

PPHEA is governed by a Board of eleven directors who represent a broad range of financial, educational and business disciplines. Their expertise lends credibility and soundness to PPHEA's organization and operations. PPHEA is a member of the following organizations, all of which are constantly working to improve the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).